Ladder Safety | Handling and Transportation


  • Do not drop or toss it onto racks as it may damage the ladder or attachments.
  • Always use the ladder for its designed purpose – do not use it to support weight or set into a jar position.
  • When moving or lifting use correct lifting practises e.g. Bend the knees. Long  ladders and heavy ladders (greater than 20kg) should only be handled by two persons.
  • A ladder should never be ‘walked’ by the person standing on the ladder. (e.g. The  action of a person standing at the top of the ladder who, by moving his body, causes the bottom of the ladder to lift the ends of the stiles alternately to cause the ladder to move.)
  • Be aware of people and property particularly when rounding a corner or exiting a doorway.
  • Before lifting, position your hands clear of bracing etc. to avoid fingers being caught.  Hold securely, balancing as to maintain control at all times.


  • All roof racks and supports should be covered with rubber or a soft material to minimise damage  and lessen road shock.
  • The ladder needs to be supported along its length and tied securely – this will prevent sagging and movement.
  • Watch the amount of overhang; it should be no more than one-third of the overall length.