Ladder Mishaps – We Thought We Would Entertain You With Some Of The Classic Comedy Ladder Skits – I Am Sure You Have Seen Some Of These Before!

Falling off a ladderLadders are fairly classic comedy props. Of course, this is only true because ladders are just a little too easy for a person to use, and thus a bit too easy to be misused by the average person. There are many ways to injure yourself with a ladder, and some of them are legitimately funny. While there is never anything particularly humorous about getting hurt yourself, almost everyone will agree that hearing the story of someone who manages to get hurt in a ladder-related mishap is worth a chuckle or two. 

Danger tends to start on the ground. Consider what you really have when you have a ladder sitting around in your garage – a huge piece of metal and fibreglass that balances on whatever other trash you have stowed away. At some point, that ladder is going to slip – you just have to hope that you are not underneath it. There is nothing more embarrassing than walking into work and explaining that your “accident” happened when the ladder was still folded up. It could, of course, be worse – a ladder falling down on your car will cause just enough damage for you to wonder why you needed the thing in the first place… the car that is.

There is also the classic ladder blunder of hitting someone with the ladder itself. Ladders are long, hard to handle and made for physical comedy. Walking around with a ladder on your shoulder will certainly make you look strong, but it is also a great way for you to accidentally hit something. Whether you are looking to break a window, knock down a toddler or make sure that your family’s next major photo includes a missing tooth or black eye, toting around a ladder is a great way to cause mishaps. And not sure why but these accidents seem to happen in holiday time when we are all at home doing our DIY

Once you actually have the ladder set up, your journey is not over. In fact, it is just beginning – there is a whole world of pain that can happen once you stop thinking and start using a ladder. The basics are almost too mundane to list – you can tip over the ladder because you lean too far, you can forget to lock a step ladder in place or you can do any one of a dozen other things that the directions tell you not to do. The real pros, though, know that the best injuries from ladders come from other people. If you have ever worked retail, you know the sheer terror that comes from standing on top of a ladder while a little old lady comes barrelling down the aisle with a loaded shopping cart and no patience. There is a delicious feeling that comes from watching the fluorescent lights of a big box store dance in your eyes as you free-fall, all because you were not willing to let a customer get down the aisle before you started stocking.

Less often discussed but still important are those ladder mishaps that happen once you actually get where you are going. It has been a staple of comedy to show a person stranded on a roof because he or she knocked a ladder over, but you can probably do better than that. Instead of merely being stranded, why not purposefully put the ladder away? You also have other great options like tying a dog to a ladder and watching it chase a cat down the road, trusting a small child with a ladder or even deciding to jump down from the roof yourself. If you really turn off your brain, you can probably come up with a dozen more great ways to hurt yourself with a ladder.