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Ladders have many variations and a range of different uses. Some ladders simply provide the user with a few extra feet, while others will allow the user to climb onto the roof of a three-story apartment. Some ladders are specifically designed for being propped up against walls for painting, while others are used to help complete small but essential tasks around the house. Really, the type of ladder being used depends on the requirements of the particular user. But what ladder is best for you? And how can you most effectively put it to use?

Fibreglass Step Ladders The "Step Ladder" resembles an inverted V, and is held securely in place by two parallel hinges underneath the platform. This type of ladder, also known as the "A-Frame" Ladder, is one of the most commonly used ladders domestically. It is usual for a step ladder to be used within a household, to make reaching storage spaces easier, and to aid users in the process of carrying out odd jobs in and around the home. Roughly defined, step ladders will provide homeowners with a little more elevation to help with jobs around the house. In terms of price, step ladders are relatively inexpensive.

When more extensive or complex jobs need to be carried out, Fibreglass Extension Ladderseither within or outside of any house, the "Extension Ladder" is commonly put into use. The jobs might include taking care of maintenance needs and painting. Ladders can also be used on the side of the home or on the roof of the home -- provided that you invest in the specific variation of extension ladder known as the "Roof Ladder" which differs in the sense that it extends a few feet over any given roof and has safety hooks attached to the end for added security. For storage, these ladders will conveniently fold to the length of one, single section. Of course, sizes can differ from one section to three sections. Unlike the Step Ladder, using the Extension Ladder will normally involve propping it against a wall for support.

We have a range of Fibreglass Platform Ladder The "Platform Ladder" is most commonly used as a replacement to scaffolding -- provided the scaffold has reached lower levels and is no longer needed. This type of ladder has a basic, productive design that involves a stable locking platform, effectively held up by two sturdy legs that hold it up from the ground. Most platform ladders are foldable and portable, and are designed with construction in mind, from building, to installing windows to painting. This is a device which is equally effective both indoors and outdoors.

We have a range of Fibreglass Multi Purpose LaddersThe name "Multi Purpose Ladder" is pretty self-explanatory as a title. This is a ladder which encompasses a number of different uses for a range of different situations. This ladder can be used as a stepladder, or as a straight ladder, simply by altering the device -- this way, it covers a wide range of uses, from lengthy and challenging tasks like painting, to simple, everyday tasks around the home. The Dual Purpose Ladder should never be used as a non-supportive ladder, and should never be placed against the wall for support to avoid risk of injury and accident. And of course, for almost all of these tasks you are far better off to purchase a fibreglass ladder so that you will be kept safe around any form of electricity. You never know when you will be using your ladder and there will be power involved. Each ladder carries its own specific use, and has usually been designed with a particular purpose in mind. When it comes to choosing the ladder, settling with the appropriate design is essential. Ladders that are ill-fitted for the specific task you are carrying out may lead to injury. This is why it is crucial that you make sure you know exactly what to use, and how to use it.

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